Cybergirl Caitlin McSwain is overjoyed to finally have a day off after working overtime for several days in a row. What does the petite redhead want to do first on her day off? Our busty Cybergirl wants to put on her kitty-cat bodysuit and let loose to some music. With her favorite tunes playing through her golden headphones with cute cat ears, Caitlin can’t help herself—she has to dance and shake her all-natural booty for photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s camera. “I love go to bar hopping. I really love all music,” says Caitlin, who can often be found twerking to the music of her favorite rapper. “My number one celebrity crush has to be Lil’ Wayne.” From dancing on a bar to cutting a rug at home, sex kitten Caitlin McSwain wants to be your purrfect private dancer, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Kelsi Shay is your Cybergirl of the Month for September 2016, and she’s a treat in this tasty set from photographer Holly Randall. Kelsi’s had a long day, and she’s ready to relax in the bathtub. Throw in some suds and rose petals, and she’s got the beginnings of a very romantic evening on her hands. “This set was everything a girl could want,” says Kelsi. “On a date, I love getting dressed up and going out. All the rest depends on the mood and setting.” When it comes to sex, Kelsi believes that good communication is the key to a great experience. “Nobody’s a mind reader,” she reminds us. “If there’s something you want, let’s have a conversation about it—and then try it out!” Try again and again with the gorgeously curvy Kelsi Shay, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Monday to Friday, Cybergirl Caitlin McSwain slaves away at the office in front of her computer, wishing the weekend would come and save her. Preparing for meetings and organizing paperwork isn’t what this gorgeous redhead would call exciting work, which is precisely why she supplies her own entertainment. All-natural Caitlin loves knowing she’s the token office hottie, and dresses in way that ensures her reputation stays intact. With her bra peeking out of her white blouse, and her black miniskirt conveniently missing a pair of panties underneath, the petite Texan came to work ready to stir up the office rumor mill. Luckily for Playboy Plus fans, photographer Jennifer Vaughn was there to catch it all on film, just for us.


Cybergirl Ali Rose is back and ready to show Playboy Plus fans just how deeply she’s missed them with this hot new set by photographer Damir K. “Since my last shoot with Playboy, I’ve been pursuing my acting career,” says the all-natural Latina as she slips into her black lingerie. “I’ve been doing funny films here and there. I’ve also been traveling doing photoshoots for other magazines, but I’ve been mainly focusing on acting.” Now that she’s back, the long-legged natural beauty is ready to make up for lost time—so sit back, relax and take the long view with the gorgeous Ali Rose, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.

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