Cybergirl Shelly Lee thought she had prepared everything she needed for her weekend getaway, but upon arriving to a quaint bed-and-breakfast, she realized she forgot to pack something very important—a change of clothing. “My worst quality is that I’m an over-thinker and I overanalyze everything,” says the tattooed Canadian, who in her overly analytical state forgot her outfit for the following day. She did, however, remember to pack her royal-blue lingerie and her white booty-shorts which accentuate her all-natural curves beautifully. Slip away from the big city with voluptuous Shelly Lee, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Tawny Swain is your Cybergirl of the Month for November 2016, and she’s stepping up in this hot set from photographer Holly Randall. In red lingerie and leather boots, Tawny is bringing it even harder than last week—reading all the messages from her fans, she couldn’t wait to show you more. “This shoot is magic,” gushes Tawny. “I loved this red corset—it was so sexy—and shooting in front of the windows was such a rush. I don’t know if people outside could see me, but it was fun dancing naked in the window!” Fun and open-minded, Tawny is exactly the kind of girl you’d want to take on a date—dressed to kill and ready for anything, Miss Swain guarantees a good time. “I enjoy any place with good company,” says Tawny. “I like to date around—I’m young and I get bored easily. It’s hard to find someone to keep up with me, but I’m not opposed to sex on the first date. No need to deny the body what it wants!” Hats off to the famously sexy Tawny Swain, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


After spending her summer working and studying abroad, Cybergirl Ivy Jones is most looking forward to relaxing at home before her upcoming exams. “I’m studying archeology and this past summer, I spent a whole month in Belize digging up a Mayan temple, which was pretty cool,” says the busty blonde wearing a white bikini. “I really just want to see most of the world.” With a long list of countries to visit, her bags packed and her passport renewed, the only thing the petite model from Portland, Oregon is missing is a travel companion who wouldn’t mind giving up the window seat for her. “I really want to go to South Africa because I’ve always wanted to go on a safari, and I want to go to Southeast Asia so I could try all the amazing meat dishes they have over there,” says the poolside beauty as she flips her long blonde hair. “I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere super romantic. Perhaps someday.” Escape with Cybergirl Ivy Jones, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay is effortlessly sexy in this set from photographer Holly Randall. An incredible natural beauty, Gia looks good in just about anything she wears, but she’s damn near irresistible in a dress. “What I wear depends on the occasion,” she explains. “On a casual date, I might wear shorts and a crop top—but if we were going out, I would wear a sexy dress!” When it comes to romance, Gia loves trying new things and meeting new people. Her motto is to say ‘yes’ to everything at least once. “I can’t speak for all women, but I like a guy who’s passionate, and notices all the little things,” she hints. “If you can remember the little things I tell you, that’s impressive to me.” To drop a few more hints, Gia loves to go salsa dancing, and her idea of a romantic trip is a weekend in a cozy cabin. Get passionate with our Cybergirl of the Year 2016 Gia Ramey-Gay, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.

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