Cybergirl Alissa Arden is intoxicating in this set from photographer Jose Luis. A blue-eyed blonde from Dallas, Texas, Alissa knows a thing or two about sex appeal – and in a violet satin bra and panties, she’s looking very appealing indeed. “I’d say that my best assets are my DD breasts,” she says. “I’ve only been modeling for a year or so, but it comes very naturally to me.” With a face and body like hers, Miss Arden was bound to be a natural, and that’s just the kind of talent we like to see on Playboy Plus. “In addition to my big boobs, I have a tiny waist,” says Alyssa. “Let’s just say they complement each other very nicely!” We couldn’t agree more – if you’re a fan of Alyssa’s, pay her a few compliments in the comments section.


Alissa Arden is a total sweetheart. A model from Dallas, Texas, she’s tall – 5’8” – and all natural, with blonde hair, green eyes and an open mind. “I’m very outgoing,” says Alissa. “Summer is my favorite season, because I love swimming, wearing bikinis and anything to do with the outdoors.” New to the world of modeling, Alissa had her sights set on Playboy, and after a test with photographer Jose Luis, she was well on her way. “I love everything about Playboy,” she gushes. “Being naked comes very, very naturally to me. My best assets are my waist, my long legs and my natural breasts. It all suits me just fine.” When it comes to suitors, Alissa is a Southern girl through and through, and she prefers a gentleman to a regular guy any day of the week. “I like a man who’s charming, with a great laugh and a sensitive side that he doesn’t mind sharing,” she says. “Sexually, I need someone who pays attention and really wants to satisfy me. I’m very giving in bed, so all I ask is that you return the favor.” We don’t like to play favorites, but we sure are stuck on Miss Arden, and we think you will be, too.


Cybergirl Nicolette Shea is a real card. She’s tall – 5’10” – with long limbs and a slim waist, blonde hair, and green eyes like a couple of martini olives. She’s a certified personal trainer, promotional model and competitive poker player in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ve seen her before - Nicolette was featured on Playboy Radio, as a Busty Babe on the Girls Network, and as Cybergirl of the Week and Month in 2011. “I grew up in Rocklin, a small town in northern California,” says Nicolette. “My parents worked hard for their living. They taught me good values – to work for what I wanted, to expect the unexpected.” And Nicolette is not what you’d expect. “I was a daddy’s girl – he used to take me on hiking and fishing trips. Now that I’m older, I like to go to the lake with my guy friends – go fishing, have a beer, watch the game – anything, really!” Cards on the table – Nicolette is single, and she plays the dating game hand-to-hand. “I like a guy or girl with a tough exterior and a soft interior,” she says. “Strong guys, and girls that embrace their strength and femininity. I love to be bitten on the ear, kissed on the neck, and – most of all – to laugh.” Needless to say, the deck is stacked in her favor. Nicolette tells us about her goals, her first Playboy shoot and being a role model in her Facetime interview.


Cybergirl Meghan Nicole is undressed to impress in this sensuous set from photographer Holly Randall. Petite at 5’3”, with brown hair, brown eyes and well-placed curves, Meghan wears her lingerie very, very well – and if you like her in a lace bra and panties, you’re going love her in the nude. “In the bedroom, I love a man who’s smart, confident and doesn’t mind getting a little rough,” she says. “When a guy isn’t afraid to come over and grab me, it’s a big, big turn-on!” While it’s not quite up for grabs, Meghan’s tight, toned body is on full and beautiful display, right here on Playboy Plus.

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