Fuchsia has never looked as good as it does on Cybergirl Melissa Lolita. “The shoot today has gone really well,” says the busty Californian in her sexy fuchsia lingerie while on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “Everybody’s super amazing—they make you feel super comfortable, and who doesn’t love getting glammed up and having their photo taken?” All-natural, exotic and with an air of mystery, Melissa heats things up as she strips down in front of the fireplace, leaving you begging for more. “In the bedroom, consistency and connection are very important to me. No one wants a selfish guy,” says the model with the long, black hair before flashing us her devilish grin. “My craziest sexual experience was when I had sex outside of city hall. It was a long time ago so I don’t really remember the details, but I know it was a good night.” Create new memories with Cybergirl Melissa Lolita, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Shelly Lee is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, and she’s strutting her stuff in this set from photographer Holly Randall. All done up in a skintight dress and thigh-high boots, Shelly saved the very best for last. As early Christmas presents go, this is one of the best we’ve ever gotten. “Thank you guys for supporting me,” says Shelly, her full lips spreading into a smile. “Being Cybergirl of the Month has been a blast so far. Hopefully this is just the beginning!” On set with Holly, Shelly got in touch with her inner vixen, and with or without clothes, her sex appeal should be obvious to everyone. “I think this dress was super hot and flattering,” says Shelly proudly. “I couldn’t wait to take it off. When it comes to nudity, I think as long as I’m having fun, everything’s good!” Go along for the ride with the daring Shelly Lee, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Cybergirl Melissa Lolita currently lives in New York City, but she will always be a California girl at heart. “I kind of randomly decided to move there after visiting the city a few times. I didn’t really know anybody, I didn’t have a job there or anything—I just wanted something new,” explains the all-natural, exotic model. “New York is super-fast paced and exciting.” Happy to be on the West Coast with photographer Holly Randall for a poolside photoshoot where her caramel skin glistened under the hot sun, Melissa felt right at home. “I think I would like to move back to California in the next few years to be closer to my family,” admits the busty babe before taking off her black bodysuit and tanning in the buff. “I really miss all the sunshine, the mountains and the ocean because we don’t get much of that in New York.” Enjoy the many perks California has to offer with Melissa Lolita, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Cybergirl of the Year Elizabeth Marxs is a true force of nature in this sunset strip from photographer Holly Randall. When we think of our CGOY, we think of words like ‘natural’ and ‘red’ – so we whisked her off to tropical Costa Rica, tucked her into a cherry-red bikini, and let the sexy Miss Marxs do her thing. “Dominical was very peaceful,” says Elizabeth. “It was hot and sunny every day, and at night, we had the most perfect sunsets!” As if to demonstrate, she strips down in front of the sunset, kneeling in the surf and letting the salt water rush over her smooth thighs. “We shot this pictorial in an area called La Punta – that means ‘the point’,” says Elizabeth. “The makeup artist covered me in 24-karat gold powder, and when the sun’s rays hit me, I was just glittering!” That’s the point, Miss Marxs – only the best for our Cybergirl of the Year 2014.

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