Tapping into her animal instincts for some bedroom fun and games is a sweetheart from rural Alberta, Miss Darah Kay. “If I were an animal, I’d be a wolf, because I really think that it’s a power animal and they go for what they want,” says the Cybergirl as she walks us into her bedroom. “I have to confess though, I like to have fun—the craziest place I’ve ever had sex is the park beside my childhood home.” A big proponent of affection, the all-natural Canadian with the sparkling blue eyes happily demonstrated for photographer Cassandra Keyes exactly where her petite figure yearns to be touched. “Hands down, my biggest turn-on is a steamy make-out session. Feeling each-other all over, and just being passionate and in-tune with each-other!” she says as she plays with her dreamcatcher pendant. “But, the most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is be trusting and read my body language. I will let you know if I want it slow and sensual or if I want it rough.” Read Darah Kay’s body language, only on Playboy Cybergirls.


Strutting towards a lounge chair by the pool, all eyes on photographer Holly Randall’s set were on Cybergirl Bailey Rayne—or more specifically, attention was called to her derriere. “People tell me that my butt is my best asset. It's really big and round. I do a lot of squats to justify all of the Netflix I watch,” laughs the busty blonde, who insists she doesn’t exercise often. “My worst quality may be how much I hate exercising. I think my last time at a gym was six months ago.” A blue-eyed Midwestern beauty who now calls California home, Bailey is currently single and focused on her modeling career, but that doesn’t mean her eyes don’t wander from time to time. “I’m really busy with work all the time, and starting a relationship on top of that would be stressful,” she says with a shrug. “Plus, I can have a lot more fun this way! I really like guys who are smart, creative and have a great sense of humor. I didn’t know any buff musicians while I was in college, but for me, that would have been the total package!” Feast your eyes on Bailey Rayne and her tight booty, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Gia Ramey-Gay is your Cybergirl of the Year 2016, and she’s ringing in 2017 with this amazing set from photographer Holly Randall. Gia’s natural beauty is nothing short of dazzling, but we figured a sequined dress, high heels and a bunch of confetti couldn’t hurt. After all, it’s New Year’s—what better time to tie one on, and then to take it all off? “When I first posed for Playboy, I thought it would be a one-time thing,” admits Gia. “Being Cybergirl of the Year means the world to me. There’s no way I would be here without you guys, so have a very happy New Year from me!” Slipping out of her clothes and into the nude, Gia makes herself at home among the balloons, confetti and champagne—things are heating up, and with any luck you’re in for one hell of a kiss at midnight. “Sometimes a peck will do,” reflects Gia, “But if I want to set the mood, I like to kiss with tongue! If there’s something I want, I go for it.” From all of us at Playboy Plus, have a very happy New Year—and check back next week to vote for CGOY 2017!


Fuchsia has never looked as good as it does on Cybergirl Melissa Lolita. “The shoot today has gone really well,” says the busty Californian in her sexy fuchsia lingerie while on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “Everybody’s super amazing—they make you feel super comfortable, and who doesn’t love getting glammed up and having their photo taken?” All-natural, exotic and with an air of mystery, Melissa heats things up as she strips down in front of the fireplace, leaving you begging for more. “In the bedroom, consistency and connection are very important to me. No one wants a selfish guy,” says the model with the long, black hair before flashing us her devilish grin. “My craziest sexual experience was when I had sex outside of city hall. It was a long time ago so I don’t really remember the details, but I know it was a good night.” Create new memories with Cybergirl Melissa Lolita, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.

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