Climbing up on large rocks in the desert of Arizona is Cybergirl Briana Ashley, a sporty brunette with a body that would make anyone envious. “Lucky for me, my mother blessed me with a perfect body,” our toned CGOM for June 2015 tells photographer Cassandra Keyes. “I really love that my outfit was much sportier for this set because I’m really getting into fitness.” Exercising almost on a daily basis, the all-natural beauty from Scottsdale does everything she can to add definition to her long, lean legs and is cognizant to keep her curves intact, especially her perky booty. “I’m also starting to get some abs. Hopefully, my bottom two abs will come in soon—I need to work on them,” giggles the beautiful African-American model who loves to work out to the tunes of her favorite Canadian men. “I love hip hop and my favorite artist is Drake—I’m obsessed with Drake, PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd. The Weeknd’s music is just so sexy. It’s definitely music you have sex to.” Work up a sweat with Cybergirl Briana Ashley, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Back at it again on Playboy Plus is Cybergirl Briana Ashley, and she’s elated to be working in the desert with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “My first look was Southwestern-inspired outfit and it was so cute. I had on a tan-colored suede bodysuit and it was so sexy,” says the brown-eyed, tall brunette from the set in her home state of Arizona. “The background was amazing. I grew up in Alaska and then moved to Arizona. Yes, I went from Alaska to Arizona, which are total opposites, but I love it out here in Arizona. I started hiking when I moved and even though it’s super-hot here, I really love it.” Briana’s hard work hiking in the desert and pumping iron at the gym has paid off—just look at her perky booty. “Between my first shoot and now, my body has changed dramatically, especially my butt,” says our all-natural Cybergirl of the Month for June 2015. “I started weight-training about a year ago so my legs are looking a little more toned as well as my butt. I’m also starting to get some abs. Hopefully, my bottom two abs will come in soon—I need to work on them.” Work it out with Cybergirl Briana Ashley, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Propping her naturally, busty body atop of a bushel of hay in the back of a pickup truck is Cybergirl of the Year 2016, Gia Ramey-Gay. The sexy brunette from Charlottsville, VA is enjoying the fresh air of the country in this rustic set with photographer Holly Randall. “Holly is so much fun to work with,” says Gia, who’s wearing nothing more than a Stetson and a smile. “I definitely wouldn’t wear this on a first date—I’d wear a sexy dress, or a crop top and jeans.” Long legs and curves for days, the certified yoga instructor and professional salsa dancer would love to teach the man she loves how to follow her body’s lead. “I think it’s important to be spontaneous and open-minded,” explains our beautiful CGOY 2016. “I want to have fun with my life, and I want a guy who is passionate! I can’t speak for all women, but I like a guy who is passionate.” Go for a roll in the hay with Cybergirl Gia Ramey-Gay, only on Playboy Cybergirls.


Bailey Rayne is your Cybergirl of the Month for January 2017, and she shows off her booty-shaking skills in this incredible set from photographer Holly Randall. Those of you who love Bailey’s behind are in for quite a treat. While naked on set, our Cybergirl of the Month started twerking, we started filming, and well—you might say the rest is history. Better make sure you’re sitting down before pressing that ‘play’ button. “You know, one of my biggest turn-ons is a pair of strong hands,” says Bailey. I’m not sure why, but I always notice when a guy has nice, big hands. I imagine them wrapped around my waist from behind.” With that little visual in mind, let Bailey treat you to an amazing performance—if you thought her other videos were hot, you’re gonna find this one hotter than molten lava. “I think being creative in the bedroom is important,” confides Bailey. “There’s nothing embarrassing about learning to be the best lover you can be!” Open up with the open-minded Bailey Rayne, only on Playboy Cybergirls.

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