Kenna James works it real, real good in this racy set from photographer Allen Henson. She may hail from the Midwest, but don’t mistake Kenna for a corn-fed goody-two-shoes—this petite blonde is one hundred percent her own woman, and she’s proud to be here on Playboy Plus. “I had a rough upbringing,” admits Kenna. “Back in those days, I had no idea that I was pretty. I didn’t figure that out until I left home. Nowadays, I’m very happy with what God has given me. I’d say my best assets are my legs, butt and eyes.” Seen here in a pair of knee-high boots, the aforementioned legs are getting quite the workout, and Kenna doesn’t mind one bit. “I have long, shapely legs,” she says, pleased. “My butt is round and very firm, and my eyes are constantly changing. Actually, eyes are one of my biggest turn-ons—no matter what color they are, there’s always a special spark.” Get going with the gorgeous Kenna James, right here on Playbo Cybergirls.


Dorothy Grant is a total picnic in this cute set from photographer Justin Price. A petite blonde from Buffalo, New York, Dorothy has had her eye on Playboy for quite some time. “To be honest, Playboy is the first professional modeling I’ve ever done,” she says, demure. “My casting was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I was just about to go in, and it hit me—I’m finally doing this! Playboy’s always been my dream, and I don’t think I’d pursue anything else as seriously.” Seen here in a wide-brimmed hat and gingham panties, Dorothy is an all-American sweetheart—just the kind of girl we like to see on Plus. Talk about a walk in the park. “I’m petite, but I have a very feminine body,” she says, sweetening the pot. “I have big breasts and a nice butt. I love my curves!” Love on the voluptuous Dorothy Grant, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Jessica Ann gets a little flirty in this poolside set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. New to the Playboy family, Jessica is an up-and-coming model and businesswoman from Gold Coast, Australia. “Growing up, I had the beaches and mountains at my fingertips,” she says with a distinct accent. “I feel so blessed to have been raised in such a beautiful, vibrant place.” When we offered Jessica the chance to pose for Playboy, she was more than ready to accept—after all those years in a subtropical climate, a nude shoot in Bali sounded like a breeze. “Actually, it was quite hot,” says Jessica. “We decided to shoot by the pool so I could cool down.” Slipping out of her bikini, Jessica Ann eases herself into the water—she’s got a rather conspicuous silhouette, so certain parts of her body remained dry. “I love my butt, it’s my best asset,” she says. “I’m short but curvaceous, with a tiny waist and a nice, round butt…doesn’t get better than that!” Treat yourself to the best with Jessica Ann, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Natural beauty Milica shows off her best assets in this set from photographer Robert Haas. A voluptuous brunette with soft, full lips, Milica is originally from Serbia, and currently makes her home in Germany. “I am a student of economics,” she says. “I am ambitious and creative. I had already had the opportunity to pose nude, but this is my first time working for Playboy. My friend recommended it to me.” Like any good capitalist, Milica understands the laws of economics—she’s got the supply to meet your demand, and whether the curves shift to the right or left, she always achieves the perfect equilibrium. Bet high with gorgeous model Milica, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.

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