From Russia with love comes seductive Playmate Irina Voronina. Hailing from provincial Dzerzhinsk, she’s tall – 5’9½”, to be precise – with blonde hair, blue eyes and classically Russian features. “My ambition was to have a successful modeling career in the United States,” she explains. “I love to travel, and learn about new countries, cultures and languages!” Irina’s career took her all over the world, to Milan, Basel and beyond – but she had her eye on Los Angeles, and she wouldn’t rest until she made it to Playboy’s Studio West. “Playboy didn’t discover me,” she says. “I introduced myself!” Confident and a natural in front of the camera, Irina was born to be a Playmate, and she didn’t disappoint as our Miss January 2001. From her tastes in literature (Chekhov, Tolstoy) to her tastes in food (spicy Thai), she’s as beautiful and worldly as they come. “I’ve been almost everywhere in the world,” she says. “At last, I’m in the United States. Believe in yourself, and success will come to you – that’s my philosophy!


Playmate Leola Bell is back and better than ever in this luscious set from photographer Joel Alvarez. Petite and all natural, our Miss February 2012 turns heads in a zebra-striped bra and panties, and in the nude, she’s winning hearts, too. “I’m a relationship girl,” says Leola. “I love to love! In a man, I look for someone tall, with a sense of humor and maybe a beard. I have to say, beards are my number-one biggest turn-on – I love the lumberjack look!” All pent up in the penthouse suite, beautiful Playmate Leola undresses and spreads out on the rug, the soft fibers brushing up against her even softer skin. “When it comes to my body, my best assets are my eyes and smile,” she says. “And of course, my curves.” Stay ahead of Leola’s curves, right here on Playboy Cybergirls


Kaylia Cassandra is your Miss June 2015, and she’s retro-fitted in this sassy, classy set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. Hard-bodied, soft-hearted Kaylia’s path to Playmate-hood has been a long and sometimes winding road—from Cybergirl in 2012 to Miss June 2015, the all-natural babe was determined to do things her way. “My name’s Kay-la,” she says, without a hint of pretension. “Way back in 2012, Josh Ryan asked me to test for Playmate. At first I said no, but he wouldn’t let it go—he said it was my time to shine. Well, now—here I am! If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be a Playmate today!” All decked out in a kimono and heels, Kaylia is more than ready to celebrate her Centerfold—popping a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, she raises her glass in a toast to Playmates past, present and future. “I don’t think it’ll really hit me until my issue hits stands,” she says, flashing a bright smile. “Someday, when I have kids, I’m gonna tell them their hot mom was a Playmate!” Cheers to our bubbly Miss June, Kaylia Cassandra, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Playmate Kaylia Cassandra has it all in this set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. A health-and-fitness goddess, our Miss June can more often than not be found at the gym, working to tighten and tone the body you see here on display. With a figure like hers, she could have everyone green with envy, but she insists that isn’t her M.O. “I like working out, but I don’t love it,” admits Kaylia. “Do I look and feel better when I work out? Yes! Ladies, embrace your body!” Though she puts a lot of time and effort into her physical form, Kaylia’s unpretentious personality always shines through, and doesn’t plan to let her Playmate-hood go to her head. She’s humble, and she’ll stay that way despite her success. “I’m very grateful for this opportunity,” she says. “Everyone keeps telling me that once my issue comes out, my life is going to change, but I think I’ll always be me. To my photographer, to everyone who glammed me up and dealt with me—I know it wasn’t always easy, but I couldn’t have done this without you!” Fall for Playmate Kaylia Cassandra, right here on Playboy Cybergirls

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