Playmate Amberleigh West has us all revved up with this amazing set from photographer Holly Randall. In a set of strappy black lingerie, Amberleigh straddles a motorcycle, basically supplying us with daydream material for the rest of our lives. “I’ve wanted to act since I was little,” reflects Amberleigh. “That being said, for a long time I didn’t think I could model, let alone be a Playmate, because I was never the pretty, popular girl guys asked to the dance.” The tables have obviously turned—these days, men are tripping over themselves in all directions for a look at Miss West. Ride off into the sunset with fantasy babe Amberleigh West, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.


Petra Verkaik started off her Playboy career with a bang—literally. After signing her Playboy contract, the five-foot, eight-inch brunette went to start her 1976 Volkswagen jalopy, which did not want to cooperate; Petra, unperturbed, began to collect her tools from the backseat. It may surprise you to know that a glamour model would put up with an old car’s antics, but Petra is attached to the ol’ girl—even though she has to perform CPR on her van almost every time she wants to drive it.


Playmate Amberleigh West is our glamorous wood nymph with a surprising secret in her latest photoshoot with photographer Holly Randall. “It’s funny because in high school I was totally the opposite,” states our all-natural Miss January 2016. “I was not popular and would get made fun of the way I looked.” Her bullies will eat their hearts out once they see how sweet Amberleigh West has gone from shy student to sex symbol on Playboy Cybergirls.


Playmate Amberleigh West throws a private slumber party in this seductive set from photographer Holly Randall. Her long hair tied up in a bun, Amberleigh is lounging in a cute cotton top and shorts. It’s getting late, but she’s not the least bit tired—what better time to strip down and have a little fun? “I love the outdoors, but I also like staying in and watching TV,” says Amberleigh. “My favorite show is American Horror Story, and I can make really silly, scary faces!” If you want to watch Netflix and chill with Amberleigh, she has a few pointers—you should like to cuddle, but you absolutely can’t be clingy. “That sends me running the other way,” she says. “For me, an ideal first date is having fun, staying in and watching a movie! I’m pretty low-key.” Stay in with the gorgeous Amberleigh West, only on Playboy Cybergirls.

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