Platinum blonde Cheyenne Cummings has wanted to be a Playboy model for as long as she can remember, but not necessarily for the attention or notoriety. Our all-natural, ultra-feminine Cybergirl loves having the Playboy Plus hair and makeup team take her from cute Texas blonde to knockout bombshell—a stark contrast from who she was as a teen. “In high school, I was super nerdy, in all advanced classes and sat in the front of the class,” says Cheyenne from photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s set. “Jennifer suggested I do a casting so I flew out to the studio in Burbank and did one and here I am!” We cannot thank Jennifer enough for bringing sexy Cheyenne Cummings to Playboy Cybergirls.


Small-town girl Shelly Lee is back at it again with photographer Cassandra Keyes for her latest shoot where the bombshell with the long, black hair and voluptuous figure transforms into her femme fatale alter ego, Bombshelly. Wearing her black, sheer lingerie complete with a crisscross, plunging neckline, the tattooed Canadian innocently—so she says—bends over her little makeup table so she can apply berry-red lipstick onto her plump lips. “I look for a guy with a little bit of sass and attitude because I know I can be a little bit overpowering and have an attitude of my own so I like someone who can toss it back to me,” says Shelly as she plays with the strings of her black teddy. “I like being in relationship because I love cuddling. I’m like a cuddle bunny; I could cuddle all day, every day.” Cuddle up with buxom Shelly Lee, only on Playboy Cybergirls


Cybergirl Krista Nicole spends the afternoon by the pool in this awesome set from photographer Michael Valentino. On location in Los Angeles, Krista was loving the weather—even a bikini was too much clothing for such a hot, sunny day. Good thing this is Playboy Plus—no need for clothes over here. “We decided to shoot this pictorial by the pool,” says Krista. “It was really hot out, but the view was amazing. I loved my bikini, and I had a lot of fun!” The view with Krista included is doubly amazing—imagine being her neighbor and getting to see her sunbathing in the nude. “I loved working with this crew and I had a great day,” says Krista. “Before the shoot I was nervous, but everyone was so welcoming that it was all amazing from there!” The heat is on with the lovely Krista Nicole, right here on Playboy Cybergirls


Cheyenne Cummings spreads her wings in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. A brand-new Cybergirl, Cheyenne is excited to be here on Playboy Plus—it’s been her dream to pose with us, and it’s been our pleasure to make it come true. “I’m hoping to do more shoots for you,” says Cheyenne. “I’ve wanted this for a long time, and I’ve always looked up to Playboy models. I have absolutely no problem posing nude for Playboy Plus!” All natural, Cheyenne loves her body, and is not shy about showing it off. When it comes to guys, she likes muscles, tattoos and green eyes, just like hers. “I also like loyalty, so no players,” she says. “Ultimately, my biggest turn-on is confidence. That’s really sexy to me!” Get up close and personal with the beautiful Cheyenne Cummings, right here on Playboy Cybergirls.

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